Saturday, 10 May 2014


Spent a few days in Amsterdam having meetings for new projects and got to caught some great things just before Kings Day kicked off. Richard Mosse at Foam was a definite highlight. I spent at least an hour watching his installation on 6 large screens all shot on infrared film in the war stricken Congo. Richard talks about this film in this video.

Another highlight was catching the Steve Powers talk at the Breda Design Festival and seeing Jeff Canham and Steve Powers wall installations going up in the city. Steve is such a positive force - Bigups to the Icey Signs Crew.

On the book front Variations a project by Fleur van Dodewaard and Conditional Design Workbook published by Valiz caught my eye.

Just before I left people were getting ready for the massive Kings Day celebrations by marking out in gaffer, tape and chalk their names in anticipation of the street market the following day. Apparently the first person to write their name gets the spot for the day. First come first serve ! Some great bits of unintentional Type Brut going on.