Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Kulturstiftung Des Bundes

A Neasden Control Centre illustration is published in the latest edition of Kulturstiftung Des Bundes Magazine Issue 20.

The Kulturstiftung des Bundes (German Federal Cultural Foundation) promotes art and culture within the scope of federal competence. One of its main priorities is to support innovative programmes and projects on an international level. To achieve this, the Foundation invests in projects which develop new methods of fostering cultural heritage and tap into the cultural and artistic potential of knowledge required for addressing social issues. 

Thursday, 4 April 2013

The Heart Broke In

Out Now featuring NCC illustration ! The Heart Broke In by James Meer
published by Canongate Books.

See the project here:

Solution vs Problem April 11th - Ridley Road Market Bar

London come to our next night !

Ridley Road Market Bar
April 11th from 8pm - late

Playing a selection of drone, turkish jams, spacey disco, world chuggers
Dj's Chromer (Flat-e) and Sneezy (Neasden Control Centre) + lights from our lighting 'Bez' Lowster. Ridley Road are serving pizza from their delish oven.

Check our blog for the sort of music we play... :)

NCC x Studio Music

Recently i made a selection of tracks for the brilliant Studio Music: check it out !

The Blackbyrds – Rock Creek Park
Taken from the album 'City Life' and produced by the amazing Donald Byrd.

ZAZU – Captain Starlight (Englische orig. Version)
Pretty funny how Frank Zander gets paranoid that his alter ego Captain Starlight has gone the wrong way and the onboard HAL style computer isn't helping much. First heard this early in the morning in Eindhoven - thanks to Dave Liteyear.

The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band – If You Want This Love
West Coast psychedelic rock from '66. Great type and collage on the sleeve.

Brian Eno – The Great Pretender
Trippy Eno - Russell Mills one of my favourite illustrators did the sleeve for this album 'More Blank Than Frank'.

Susan Christie – Rainy Day
The sound of Philadelphia in the '70's unearthed by Andy Votel's Finders Keepers Records - the rest of the album is amazing as well so it's hard to pick just one track. First heard this when living in rainy Manchester.

Indoor Life – Archeology 1980
It's got the most incredible hypnotic baseline drone style groove and great lyric 'The future waits for me, Dig and dig and dig'. From Jazzman Gerlad's selection on Finders Keepers 'B-Music Cross Continental'. Love the digger noise at the end and weird space bit.

All Night Radio
Good late night work music...This is the last track from Spirit Stereo Frequency from 2003 on Sub Pop. Uncle Shaunee passed this on to me whilst working in Brooklyn.

Group Bombino – Imuhar
What would it feel like to ride a camel to the studio ? Sublime Frequencies is a label that is putting out an amazing selection of artists from around the world. Group Bombino 'Guitars from Agadez vol: 2' is one of my studio favourite's.

Erkin Koray – Estarabim
It's hard what to pick when it comes to Turkish rock music from the 70's. It goes without saying that also the artwork and typography on the record sleeves from this period are truly amazing and inspiring.

Baris Manco – 2023
Another classic from '75 from Manco's album '2023'. Thinking well ahead of his time still sounds so fresh.  Wait for the baseline drop at 3 min 08

I'm currently listening to a couple of records i picked up in San Fran when we were over recently bought at the amazing Amoeba Records - one of these is the psychedelic band Witch's album 'In the past' which i'm loving. It's record store day in a couple of weeks - keep it local !