Sunday, 29 April 2012

Solution Vs Problem

Tonight :) come and join us for some space, disco and psyche.

Sunday 29 th April at Catch, 22 Kingsland Road


Good to get a pause up north and furnish the senses with some high altitude Cumbrian air and time.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

North Tea Power 7

I m exhibiting a new 7 colour Riso Print as part of this group show in Manchester.
The show also includes: Anthony Burrill, Holly Wales, Hort, Hvass and Hannibal, Mario Hugo, Nous Vous, Yokoland and more !

North Tea Power
36 Tibb St

Preview 19.04.12
Exhibition runs till 07.06.12

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Helsinki - Bookies

Back from my talk with Michael Swaney and our show as Scrollster at Napa Books in Helsinki - great to see talks and meet: Joseph Allen Shea (Izrock), Aurelien Arbet, Jeremie Egry, Linus Bill, Urs Lehni (Rollo Press), Jenni Rope, Indrek Sirkel, Erik Van Der Weijde and Alexis Zavialoff (Motto Distribution). More info on Bookies. Also great to see the FUN! @ Riihimäki Art Museum and meet the artists / curators of the show Jussi Goman and Timo Vaittinen. Thanks to Tuukka.

Ceramic's by Stig Lindberg

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Visualising Literature by Camberwell Press

"Time transformed into eternity. The end and the beginning were joined".

I was invited by Camberwell Press to take part in their Visualising Literature Project as part of Into The Fold which took part in march 2012 at camberwell College of Arts.

The text i choose came from an interview between Svetlana Aleksievich and Paul Virilio for Andrei Ujica's film "Unknown Quantity". The pair were discussing the effects both social and physical on Chernobyl. I was particularly attracted to this quote and it tied into a series of drawings i have been making taking the start of a line without it necessarily resolving. However the sequential nature of the composition actually defines the overall image and as your eye is led from curve to curve it starts to 'make up' the route through a deconstructed axis.


A risograph print produced for a show called 7 at North Tea Power curated by Dr.Me, 36 Tib Street, Manchester which opens later this month. Thanks to Jono at City Edition Studio for the printing.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Scrollster "By Eggs or by Bacon" Napa, Helsinki

Together with the Nieves Zine Library archive. Scrollster exhibit "By eggs or by bacon" at Napa Books in Helsinki. Looking forward to speaking at Bookies next week together with Michael Swaney about publishing and our collaborative work as Scrollster.

Nieves Zine Library.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012


Too many things happening too blog over the last few weeks - here's a quick re-fresh via the camera phoning of things that have caught my eye, seen or i m working on. In no order: Group Doueh @ Cafe Oto bringing the Saharan vibes to Daltson, Musuem of London, preparing for the Scrollster talk in Helsinki, Occupy London, secret Nuclear Bunker, Kusama, Paolozzi @ Tottenham Court Road original model, Mr Vast artwork, Mapping... will focus on all this soon....