Sunday, 8 April 2012

Visualising Literature by Camberwell Press

"Time transformed into eternity. The end and the beginning were joined".

I was invited by Camberwell Press to take part in their Visualising Literature Project as part of Into The Fold which took part in march 2012 at camberwell College of Arts.

The text i choose came from an interview between Svetlana Aleksievich and Paul Virilio for Andrei Ujica's film "Unknown Quantity". The pair were discussing the effects both social and physical on Chernobyl. I was particularly attracted to this quote and it tied into a series of drawings i have been making taking the start of a line without it necessarily resolving. However the sequential nature of the composition actually defines the overall image and as your eye is led from curve to curve it starts to 'make up' the route through a deconstructed axis.