Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Exploring New Spaces

Back in Berlin the bikes were still locked where we left them the previous year - which wouldn't happen in London. In Berlin till Thursday before heading on the train south to Croatia via Vienna for a pause - working on a bunch of new works at the moment for Little Brown Publishing, Gas with Uniqlo, Pearson and more which i'll feature on the site when its all done and dusted. It's been good to feel the change of pace between London and Berlin, where time and space interact differently. Great catching up too with Stefan Marx in Hamburg for the Smallville Records Party at Dockville before checking his show at Gallerie Karin Guenther not forgetting a trip to Miniatur Wunderland. Ha also Harry Mr Vast whose release will be out soon that i've been working on - currently off to Spezial Material for the final proof checkz. Digging deep in Motto Books and Documenta in Kassel. And some shots too from Templehof Airport now closed and home to array of freestyle events and "sports without members" its strange to ride down the runway loaded with historical reference but Berlin keeps looking to the future and so do i... see you soon !